Therese B.

Therese B.

Hello readers! Welcome to my blog-ish! :)

My name is Therese, but I go by the nickname Theia.

23 year old registered nurse from the land with 7,107 islands- the Philippines!

I've just been a recent traveler (since October 2013, when i became 21). My boyfriend (who is a British national) is a nature lover and pretty much influenced me and changed my hobby. So I transformed from being a
lousy couch potato to an overwhelmingly dedicated voyager! :)

When he's in the Philippines, we travel almost thrice a week, from a simple trip hours away from the city to out of town journeys that takes weeks (if possible). He is a Gopro videographer which films every trip while I'm just a snapper of photos. We fancy editing every film taken and make them into a journey-inspired videos.

Just this January 2016, I got my UK visa, and now I am in England! Let the travel continue from PH to UK. :)