byron Walker


I am the Founder/ CEO of A New Start Foundation Group where
I am very honored to serve the community. This has been a dream of mine for
years, and now this dream has finally come into fruition. I am 24 years old and
I have a passion to reach the lost, I live by the motto, if you teach a man how
to fish he will never be without, but if you keep giving him fish you deprive
him of seeking his own food. I do not only wish to provide shelter and a place
of comfort for hurt individuals, my prayer is to help show them the way so that
they can get out of any situation they are in. My goal is to teach them the

I am currently a senior at American
Intercontinental University with a Study of Fine Arts of Media Production. I am
a book writer and songwriter. I love working with people of all races and nationalities.

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