David Yen Hao Chen

I'm an innovator, a dreamer, and a man with laser-like visions.

I'm an innovator because I like things different from the norm. I'm a dreamer because I love to dream about my alternative careers. Such as, being a Taiwanese popstar or be someone as awesome as Christian Bale. I have strong visions for the things I want to achieve because I simply don't think anything can stop me from getting there as long as I believe in my hard work.

I have lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, SF, LA, and SD . I'm a huge foodie and I eat almost anything (except insects). My favorite food is stinky tofu but my favorite cuisine is probably Japanese food. I love to drink coffee. If you're looking to make me happy, just bring me a cup of coffee. I also love photography, basketball, bicycling, creativity, meeting new people, and definitely My Family :)

** Currently looking for Advertising Job