Musician, Artist, and Designer in Tampa, Florida

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No one ever changed the world by playing it safe. The ones who made history may not have fit in, they may have been misunderstood but they made a difference. Conformity and innovation do not correlate. Follower and visionary are not synonymous. We are Black 2 Da Future and we are here to change the world.

B2DF is composed of three members; Virde LaSolis, Meem Resh Perio, and Lason Ars, each bringing a unique prospective and voice to the group.

Lason Ars, "The Artist" creates lyrics as vivid as the visuals he illustrates for the group. Virde LaSolis, "The Writer" combines storytelling, and an introspective ability to pen verses that display a mastery of the craft of rhyming that few achieve.

Meem Resh Perio, "The Architect" possesses a passion and drive usually attributed to those history list as visionaries. His lyrics burst forth with wit, poetic expression, and emotion that the listener instantly connects with. Anchored by the production of Meem Resh Perio which is equal parts blockbuster movie score, EDM, and hiphop B2DF is bringing about a new frontier in afrofuturism.