Barbara Schultheis

Artist and Photographer in Littleton, Colorado

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It is not enough to sit in my car, by the side of the road, and shoot some photographs of a majestic, Colorado “fourteen-er” from afar! I must go to that huge formidable mountain and experience it up close and personal, and get to know it intimately! I need to experience it firsthand—touch it, smell it, taste it, see through it! I photograph nature and it is the wholeness of the experience that is the art! It is the experience and the enlightenment that I take away from the act of creating art from this atmosphere that drives me on, and luckily, I live in one of the most beautiful states in the United States. I have taken advantage of living in Colorado, because a person could spend a lifetime just photographing Colorado and still miss some of its mystery, and hidden facets. My hope is to dig in deep and to photograph the lesser known beauty of Colorado—secret places that most humans never see. Preservation is always front and center and for me as an artist, and most importantly why I photograph the beauty of Colorado. I hope that my work will help to preserve the wonders of natural Colorado, from the high mountains to the very endangered prairies! And please don't look for the classic view of Maroon Bells or Garden of the Gods, on my website! You may see captures of these magical places, but the visual language in which they are spoken through will be quite different! The language will be much more intimate and speak of the side of the Colorado landscape, habitat and wildlife that are not seen by the vast majority of people who live here or visit Colorado!