brittany welsh

Growing up music was always there for her. Her mother had a gypsy spirit, which caused them to move every year and by the time she was 10 she had the biggest CD collection of anyone she knew and had already been performing on stage for years and writing songs. She has been involved in both dance and theater productions.

Brittany welsh is a singer songwriter, who is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University. She grew up in a Dover, NH and moved to Nashville, TN not long after graduating high school. " Moving to Nashville was one of the scariest things I've ever done, but also the best thing for my career."

Since moving to Nashville Brittany has been involved in organizations on campus that has aloud her to network and be involved in a lot of opportunities in the industry. She says she is learning all she can so when she graduates she can dive head first into the music. Brittany is also involved in is Omega Phi Alpha, which is a service sorority on campus. She has always been very passionate about helping people and in Omega Phi Alpha that gave her the opportunity.

Like most people her love of music and diverse taste came from her parents. Her father's friends were musicians and she recorded her first song on tape when she was eight. While she would love to be a musician working on Country music, she would be happy working as a music plugger in the creative department of a music publishing company. " I know the odds of making it and honestly I just want to be around the music and around musicians working at something they love, that would make me happy."

Brittany is graduating this year and wants to go out to Los Angeles to do an internship in the summer. She wants to do all the internships she can to make sure she has the upper hand upon graduation. Right now she is taking classes, writing music, and living with a couple of her best friends. "honestly I am in an amazing place in my life right now, I think the best goal in life no matter how cheesy is to be content."