BA Technolinks

Santa Clara, CA

BA Technolinks, a consultancy and provider of staffing support, assists both individuals in search of employment and client enterprises in need of information technology talent. In the case of the former, BA Technolinks tracks down people with skill sets matching those in demand across the wider United States information technology industry. Further, the company operates according to a rigorous code of conduct that protects candidate interests by treating each one with respect, by recommending them to positions for which they are qualified, and by never placing a recommendation before first receiving their consent.

For client businesses, BA Technolinks delivers staffing services for such leading positions as vice president and chief technology officer as well as positions like database administrator and applications developer. The company also provides information technology consulting and project management solutions.

Prospective clients or candidates can learn more about BA Technolinks by logging on to, by telephoning 408-940-5911, by emailing, or by addressing mail to its Silicon Valley headquarters at 4699 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 470, Santa Clara, California 95054.