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Baar Radiac

Downingtown, Pennsylvania, United States

Edgar Cayce, the founder of American Holistic Medicine, described the functioning of a Radiac device while in his trances. Today, the Baar Radiac device allows its users to improve their meditative and dreaming states, balance their energies, and improve their spiritual, physical, and mental health. Each Baar Radiac is handmade by Bruce Baar, a Doctor of Naturopathy and the founder of Baar Products. The device is easy for a novice to use and includes expansions that are well suited to expert users. Each Baar Radiac comes with a lifetime guarantee. Some people incorrectly label this device as the Mind Machine, the BioBattery, the Radial Appliance, the Dry Cell or the Impedance Device. Edgar Cayce referred to it as the Radio-Active Appliance. Today it is properly called the Radiac and is manufactured by Baar Products, the Official Worldwide Exclusive Supplier of Edgar Cayce Health Care. Outstanding performance, continual technological improvements, Single Seal™ Technology, Lifetime Guarantee, Charcoal Enhanced, Trademarked 3 Carbon System, Steel Certified, and studied and researched by doctors and Foundations are just a few reasons. Read years of testimonials of people using the Radiac.

Using the hook and loop fasteners, a person can attach the Baar Radiac's disks to points on his wrists and ankles. There are four recommended configurations, and users cycle through these, choosing one configuration each day. While beginners spend about half an hour hooked up to the device, experts often use the Baar Radiac for an hour a day.

Dr. Baar recommends that people use the Radiac in a reclining position. They should keep the room quiet and eliminate all distractions to maximize the device's effectiveness. As the device balances a user's energies, it relaxes both the mind and the body. Satisfied customers state that the Baar Radiac relieves stress, increases energy levels, and allows them to look and feel more youthful.

The Radiac should be stored away from metal and in such a way that the metal disks never touch each other. Baar Products sells a plastic container ideal for Radiac storage and use. Each device is a one-user item. Once a person has meditated with the Radiac, it attunes itself to his or her energies and will not be effective for other people.

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