Atikhan Baba

Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

His Highness AtiKhan baba Founder and Director for IWRC \ CRWN and Member of Child Rights Council CRC On a mission to build an advanced model of eGovernment in Islamabad Pakistan.
I was brought up in a family that believed in the importance of visionary public service and philanthropy and I have tried to live these values in my everyday life. I am proud of initiating CSPWP ( CRWN Save Pregnant Women Problem’s), CRIN and the CRWN Foundation. Their programs have helped transform the lives of millions of people, especially children, around the world.
I also believe in the importance of encouraging young people to become leaders in their field. One’s experiences and personal history shape who they are, and by sharing the lessons I have learned during my lifetime I hope I can continue to have a positive effect on others, especially young people.
I am passionate about sports, particularly endurance racing. I enjoy and love horse riding with my family members. I enjoy the outdoors, especially the Arabian desert experience.
I relish visiting cultural institutions throughout the Emirates, the Middle East, and during my other international travels.
I often go to cultural gatherings. Writing Nabati (traditional Arabic poetry) has been a life-long passion.
Favorite Books
مقدمة ابن خلدون، عودة الروح لتوفيق الحكيم، ثلاثية نجيب محفوظ ، ومذكرات السياسيين في العالم أمثال نيكسون، هنري كسنجر شارل ديجول وغيرهم