Baba Bullet

Baba Bullet is the chieftain of a secret society. Most of them are members of the 27 Club. He loves his Bullet, Rocket, Poems, Rum, Beer, Led Zeppelin and Dostoevsky. Often he will say "Lust is must" as a standard quote with his eyebrows raised just to piss off people. Baba is famous for giving conflicting versions of his past. He will then say - "Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes the other. If I must have a past I prefer multiple choices." Baba Bullet is no living relation of Baba Ramdev, though some of the weirdo’s in the gang do call him Baba RumDev... especially when the Wise and Old Monk is around. In his previous life Baba had a steamy affair with Mae West... Together they declared they would try anything at least once, twice if they liked it...thrice just to be sure. Obviously all those excesses killed him early. This life appears to be no different. Baba Bullet hopes he will die young.