Baba Haramdev


I'm a boy of mystery and power, whose mystery exceeds his power. I ain't smart, but I do wear glasses. I'm funnier than my parents think, Please tell them.

I mostly tweet about word-plays and current affairs. So if my tweets offend you. You have the right to un-follow me.

I'm a religious person, but I don't promote religious violence or communal disharmony, whatsoever. I mean, look at me. I'm a Catholic, My dad says that I look like a Muslim 'cause I sport a beard (In fact, everyone says that). My Best Friend is a Hindu and I eat like Punjabi. I'm a Secular Harami

Most people may not know this, but I'm a Vampire. Yes, a Vampire, 'cause my Ex-Girlfriend used to always tell me, "Get lost, you Blood Sucking Freak"

End of the Bio, Ladies and Gentlemen. You should probably get back to work. I hope it wasn't worth it. Thank you.

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