Babajide Williams

Lagos Nigeria

In the begining, God saw a need, an incapacity, a darkness, a need to disseminate knowledge. As he pondered upon this need, one thought came to His mind. "I will need a superhuman to address this need. I will need a man crafted from the choicest of sand, and I will fill him with premium breathe, load him with wisdom, cause him to pass through some dangerous grounds, hit him a few challenges to build his experiences and structure his paradigm according to my will. He would be a muslim at some point so he would know more about religion and advice people in making the right choices, I will teach him management, yet order his steps through rigorous engineering profession so he can be vast.........I will give him the gab of an excellence teacher, and show him mysterious things about people and the earth...I will call him BABAJIDE WILLIAMS....PJ for short". He shall arrive earth on the 13th day of JUNE...

And so it was that Victoria met Babatunde and they concieved and bore him in a place called Lagos Island in the developing African continent, in an hospital without electric power..... there his jorney began.

He is the Principal Business Strategist of PotentShift Consulting Limited. He is a graduate of chemical engineering, with a master degree in process engineering from the University of Lagos, and currently a PhD research student in process engineering as well. He holds several certifications like employability and enterprise certification, winning attitude certificate, basic leadership certificate from DLA, mastery in everyday thinking from university of Queensland (online), to mention but a few. An “opinion leader” and a coach to many, Williams Babajide is an associate trainer with the International Board for Certified trainers IBCT, and a member of the Nigerian Institute for Training and Development NITAD, and American Society for Training and Development, ASTD. He is a Pastor, and a counselor. Williams Babajide holds a six sigma White Belt, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and currently undergoing a Six Sigma Black belt training.
Williams Babajide has facilitated paradigm shifting trainings in diverse industries in Nigeria, such as Oil and Gas, Banking, Aviation, FCMG, and the Educational sector. He has facilitated in companies such as Nestle, UAC, Sahara Energy, Skye Bank, Union Bank, NAHCO, to mention but a few on programmes such as; globalization, emotional intelligence, delegation strategies, Personal effectiveness and mastery

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