Babak Mojab


World traveler | Coach | Public speaker | Mentor | Technology Consultant

Years of traveling around the world has given me the opportunity to explore and experience a variety of lifestyles. Exposure to infinite range of cultures inspired me to create a new lifestyle and empower others to design their own lifestyle. During my self discovery journey I challenged myself on daily basis and learned how to break out of my comfort zones. As a result I developed a set of valuable skills which I've put together as a program to share with people through my coaching and consultancy services.

Consultancy services

•Agile design and implementation

•Running Lean Startup

•Design and implementation of software solutions including mobile app and web application

•Turning ideas to viable software products

•Client management

•Business analysis

•Project management


Mobile app project: iPlod is a timesheet management app developed for IOS and android tablets. iPlod app is developed for PYBAR mining services company (

Coaching services is designed to provide coaching services in areas of:

•Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup

•Agile SMART goal setting

•Professional success

•Confidence and freedom

•Overcoming fears

•Strong communication

•Cultivating self confidence

•Authentic self-expression

•Lifestyle design and transformation


The main purpose of my coaching services is to empower people to enhance their quality of life, rise beyond their mind-made limitations, achieve their goals and fulfil on their vision. I use Agile and Lean Startup as two strong, practical tools to guarantee that my clients success.

  • Education
    • Double masters of commerce in information systems and IT management