Duncan Babbage, PhD

Auckland, New Zealand

Take a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a focus on mobile, online and social media to support individual behaviour change at a mass population level. Mix with neurorehabilitation research, teaching and practice. Bake at 480° for 15 years. Season with mobile computing. Serve.

Senior Media Editor, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Associate Editor, Australian Psychologist

Hear me discuss the next century of healthcare in six minutes, in the Sci21 online video series. Join hundreds of people from six+ countries with a free subscription to my email updates on research and practice from across the field of neurorehabilitation, at synapseproject.org. For my professional development courses on brain injury rehabilitation see abirehab.org and levelone.org.nz—next training courses in Auckland, New Zealand, November 2015, and Sydney, Australia, February 2016.

  • Work
    • Auckland University of Technology