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⭐️Hey my name is Emma and if you have a problem with any of my kins, the way I use them to cope or the way I cope with/handle them, why're you here?



🐝You're racist, homophobic, transphobic, harrass others for shipping shaladin (I won't harrass you for being against it), or you're really political and going to pick fights with me

🐝You're against any type of kin

🐝You're sent to spy on me

🐝You invalidate doubles and mean to do it


🍓Kins, my IDs, I prefer NO doubles but I am completely aware that I'm not the only one of these people, every double is valid!!

🍓Veronica Sawyer


🍓Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt

🍓Jeremy Heere

🍓Evan Hansen

🍓Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir

🍓Christine Canigula


🌼Other kins that aren't IDs

🌼Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

🌼Jenna Hunterson

🌼Michael Mell

🌼Sadie Miller

🌼Heather Chandler

🌼Brooke Lohst



🌼Sunset Shimmer

🌼Mabel Pines

🌼Star Butterfly

🌼Zoe Murphy

🌼Steven Universe

🌼Anna of Arendelle


🌼Princess Bubblegum





👽Ask for the kins I'm questioning!


🌻About me!!

🌻My name is Emma

🌻I'm 14

🌻I'm currently hiding some kins because of reasons that are freakishly cowardly

🌻I've been professionally diagnosed with anxiety and depression

🌻I actually cleaned up my kin bio, I left some kins out for some reasons

🌻I'm a cold ass bitch when we first meet or when I don't like you but if we grow closer, I will stick to you like glue

🌻I love big sweaters, jewelry, makeup, acting, writing, singing, sushi, boba, cosplaying, musicals, fashion, aesthetics, quotes, drawing, shopping, and so on!!

🌻I love music so much. And sunflowers and roses and daisies and just flowers in general, blah blah blah


🥀To Be Accepted

🥀Dm me a picture of one of my IDs or send me "Pinkberry"