Babeth Ebeka

Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach, and Preacher in Gaithersburg, Maryland

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I am a wife and a mother, with a big heart for people everywhere. I summarize my passion for life in just a few words: happiness for all. When I met Jesus-Christ in 1993 in the plane, I began to realize that my passion was possible, attainable. I learned that all things are possible to those who believe in Jesus-Christ. And it is.

I trained in a School of Ministry and followed Pastoral Training since 1997 in order to learn to serve all human beings, and be a channel of love, joy, favor, and godliness through the power of God.

This is what I exist for: to work for your happiness with God, the creator of all things -- the living, creeping, swimming, and flying things -- to work with Him in providing healing to those who are brokenhearted, in setting people free of addictions, depressions, incurrable diseases; in delivering people from anger, hypocrisy, adultery, misery, and all evils that is currently dominating our world.

This is where happiness comes from: knowing God. He has good news for us all: sin and evil do not have to rule over us; with Jesus-Christ, we can be free.

So that's what I do; I serve people in different ways:
- at the Christian Victory Center as an assistant Pastor, I pray for people's needs, I help with advice on life issues, I preach to encourage, and I teach to disciple;
- at the Montgomery County Human Rights Commission as a Commissioner, I advocate for people's rights, review discrimination cases from the community, and educate the population through forums; and
-at the International Monetary Fund, I help with the budget of a technical assistance team.

My other trainings include public speaking (Toastmasters International, Inc.), paralegal, tax preparer, legal research, lobbying, and accounting (Bachelor degree).

My native language is French, and I speak Spanish and Lingala.

So contact me, I am here for you!