Babette Donaldson

Northern California, United States

Babette Donaldson

Northern California, United States

My Intro Photo

I chose the photo on the right because it was one of the most rare and unusual tea experiences of my life. On a World Tea Tour of China designed for tea professionals, we rode by horseback out onto the steppes of Inner Mongolia to visit this nomadic tribe. Inside the yurt we were treated to a dark, boiled tea with herbs, nuts and yak milk. The matriarch beguiled us with their tea legends and details of how to prepare the delicious brew.

Outside, her entreprenural grandson offered to allow my picture to be taken with this little newborn for a very small fee. After the photo shoot, I teased him a bit and pretended to take the little baby with me -- as if the small amount we paid for the photo was actually the purchase price for his pet. I'm certain that he knew instantly that I was just joking, but it was fun to be able to share a bit of humor even if we only shared a few words in common.

My Current Project

"Month of Tea" video series of 31 short brewing tips to celebrate Hot Tea Month. Subscribe on for this free event.

My Books

Emma Lea's First Tea Party

Emma Lea's Magic Teapot

Emma Lea's First Tea Ceremony

Emma Lea's Tea With Daddy

The Everything Healthy Tea Book

Fun With Tea (Activity Book)

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    • Contributing writer to World Tea News
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    • BA English - Creative Writing & BA Fine Arts - Ceramic Sculpture