Mohammed Shamsuzzaman


I am Working with local agencies and NGOs to initiate action programs to educate younger generations that all of us are really capable of doing something towards minimizing the adverse effect of climate change. over these years, I have been actively associated with Amnesty International and NGOs to uphold human dignity and provide self confidence and esteem for the distressed humanity. This is particularly because of the fact I have realized on all aspects of contemporary emergencies, especially their impact on millions of vulnerable people in times of natural and man-made disasters all out efforts are always on the wane to undertake the needed steps to provide protection to these distressed people who are victims of armed conflict and man-made disasters. Before I conclude, I would like to say that people once put their faith in the state, hoped for jobs or cheap services from companies and if all else failed, took the charity of the civil society, But faith, hope and charity are changing. The ability of states to directly provide for vulnerable people is waning, nationally and internationally. Humanitarian Agencies no longer fill gaps, they are now at the center of the challenge of caring for and empowering the most vulnerable. This new positioning of humanitarian agencies will surely continue to provide humanitarian aid in terms of value set i.e. humanity and impartially or in other words we can say that management efficiency alone is not enough to tackle human sufferings, charitable agencies should have ethical principles something which the Government and commercial firm do not inherit or cultivate.

  • Work
    • Post harvest management of horticultural crops
  • Education
    • Post Graduuation from U.K.