Keysha Marie

I'm just another 18 year old girl trying to find her place in this world, Struggling with the pain of her past, the abuse her father put her though, the loss of her family, and the constant reminder she'll never be the perfect child her parents wanted. I plan on attending Colorado Mesa University after i finishes my GED, i don't know what I wants to study yet, but it'll have something to do with art <3 im the shy, quiet girl whose easily missed, and overlooked. I'm not very social, but not because of my shyness but because of my fear of being hurt yet again. I'm a lover not a fighter, but dont get me wrong i will fight if i have to or pissed off enough. the main reason i dont like to fight is because of the memories it brings- the abuse my father put his family though, beating the shit out of my mama, hitting us, it always reminds me of what i was, a monster who wasn't afraid to push her younger sister against the was holding her by the neck, wanting to kill her. imagine if i could try to kill my own sister who i love so dearly, then how far would i go against someone i don't care about? im afriad i might not be able to stop before i cross the line, and i dare not find out.