Babin Martin

Business Analyst in Al Karama, United Arab Emirates

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Media Analyst professional where I provide leadership to a team of experts in PR services business for growing the business by looking after customer's trust by consistently advancing the customer's interests beyond minimum requirements. Emphasis on analytical and organization leadership techniques for building talent across the team by evaluating skills necessary to complete projects and assigns the most qualified talent.

Strengths lie in strategic visioning by demonstrating the understanding of ongoing and future talent needs and looks for ways to address those needs through effective understanding of the business unit's strategic vision and development of talent by helping individuals/teams work towards achieving that vision.

Ability to evaluate, interpret customer concerns and issues; draws on customer insight to help team to best meet current and future customer needs and effectively communicates information to clients. Developing positive internal, external customer relationships and enhancing customer satisfaction by consistently and efficiently delivering value and regularly seeking customer feedback to support long-term interests. Shares best practice knowledge with others in work team; identifies ways in which the customer experience could be enhanced.

Skilled in effective project management by determining customers' business needs and time constraints, balancing against costs and available resources, and communicates a realistic estimate of project timing. Developing project plans and prioritizes tasks to achieve project milestones; recognizes project risks, provides input to contingency plans and provides guidance on meeting delivery goals. Monitoring performance and deliverables of individuals on the project team to ensure overall project success; actively keeps all members of the project team informed of progress.

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