Babita Singh

Researcher and Organizer in Barcelona, Spain

Babita Singh

Researcher and Organizer in Barcelona, Spain

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What I am looking for:

Opportunities that will make me jump out of my bed every morning as if I found a spider on it.

My kind of work:

If it includes one or more of these keywords: Creativity, innovation, people, communication, interaction, ideas, knowledge-sharing, public outreach, science, genomics, Elon Musk.

My skills:

Technically I am in research & academia for eight years now. I studied Masters & then PhD in Bioinformatics, mostly working with cancer biology & large scale genome data analysis.

Balancing my non-technical side by attending courses on public speaking, academic writing, entrepreneurship and management.

My hobbies:

Keeping up to date with current affairs, news & technology. Finding what's new in science, philosophy and self-help books section. Traveling places where I find less tourists and more of real people. Dejarte suelto through dancing & meditation.

My motto:

To keep on asking myself how I am contributing to this world?

So that's about me so far. If you would like to see my CV & other experience details please click on the '' button.

  • Education
    • Pompeu Fabra University