Bablu Amanatya


Every one says i am versatile know me in deeply its difficult.. just like "chameleon" lizard... in to say..about me.... i have...a desire to get all thing..which i love to do..that..i will... Among the friends....... whatever it may be the party.... without me they will n't have fun... and i know..there should be in future... Hard working money with i will expose them.. Those were neglected...on me.. craziest fan on fashion or branded line of products...and i wish, i could use these brand... 1. "Prada" the up class brand has been the choice of the most powerful and stylish men and women across the world. Established in 1913, the brand has diversifiedinto producing some of the best designs in their ready to wear clothing’s, leather accessories such as shoes, bags and hats. Every year the classic styles with powerful style statements are presented only to be a part of exclusive wardrobes of the rich and the famous, and retain the position of being the number one fashion brand in the world. 2. GucciThe house of Gucci has over 300 stores worldwide, and this itself explains the popularity of this exclusive brand. The brand has been endorsed by many celebrities, whether they are hosting a show or making their presence felt in Cannes festival. I wish,i could use... but Let's see what's going on....

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    • Student
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    • Gunupur Boys' High School
    • Gunupur College, Gunupur
    • Berhampur University, Odisha