Bablu Chakma

Small Business Owner and Ad Operations Consultant in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I have a Practical and traditional type of personality. I am not interested in theories. I believe in real world examples. I am a hard worker and a future leader. I am definitely on e of the good guys- always upbeat and smiling. I am a faithful friend on whom others can always depend. I can keep a secret to myself and i give the comport when my friends are feeling rough. If someone is needs a help from me, i am always offer to help even at night also. My friendly and honest nature is evident in my behavior with other people. I am good at keeping in touch with others. I am inviting my friends to my house or any other place so that they can see me regularly. I am somehow only ever seeing the positive side of things. I am optimism and energy means to me that everything i touch seems to turn to gold.