Babourini & Babourouno

The Babous met in the Pinelands Regional High School band room in 2003, when Babourouno saw Babourini for the first time and was compelled to say to a mutual friend, "you know her? She's hot, introduce me." From there, it was magic: shows in Seaside, late night Applebee's trips, awful movies, an unpaid secretarial stint, and even a rotten chicken incident. However, the good times soon came to a jolting halt. Babourouno left for school in New York and one year later Babourini left for school in the southland. What ensued was a period of winterous silence from which the Babous would not return until 2009, when Babourouno found himself in Philadelphia and Babourini back in New Jersey - the homeland of the Babous. The Babous quickly rekindled their bond and one night in March the Babous fortuna to be forever bound was sealed when Babourouno shyly and nervously requested from Babourini a kiss in the Cherry Hill Mall parking lot. Babourini, of course, granted the request and the magnitude of the resulting kiss was such that hearts could be felt fluttering from New Jersey to New Delhi - it, at the very least, caused Babourini to forget on which side of the road she was supposed to drive.

The rest is history. The Babous have become co-adventurers, exploring the complexities of the universe together. The Babous hail from New Jersey, but the world often takes them to amazing places both near and far. Wherever the Babous may be, they are each other's home. This blog is a storytelling of Babou adventures, the inexplicable bond that guides them in love and in life, and the people and communities that they encounter along their way.