Babs Behan

Babs Behan

For Illustration, my preferred medium is graphite on paper, and mineral pigments on canvas.

I forage local plant dyes to use with locally made, or vintage, natural fibres for textile and fashion design.

I teach responsible foraging and the art of natural dyeing with local plants via my Botanical Inks workshop business.

I co-produce the Bristol Cloth Project, a 100% wool fabric of classic heritage-inspired design, prioritising locally sourced materials and manufacturing processes from the South West of the UK.

Botanical Inks supply a naturally dyed yarn for the Bristol Cloth, made using locally foraged materials.

Since 2006, I have created fun ethical clothing under the name of Playsuit Parlour, which up-cycles natural fibre textiles, including end-of-line block print cottons and vintage sari silks, whilst providing work for Indian cottage industries in Rajasthan.

My creative outlets reflect my overall passion for plant-based economy, beauty and Slow lifestyle.