Babui Eco-Resort

Babui Eco-Resort is one of a kind in the southern coastal region of Moheshkhali Island, Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. Cox's Bazar is known as the longest unbroken beach in the world and Moheshkhali Island is an only hilly island of Bangladesh at the coast of Cox's Bazar. A range of low hills, but the coast to the west and north is a low-lying treat, fringed by mangrove jungle. You can go to this Island by local motorboat called trawler or by speed boat. It takes only half an hour to reach this Island. You will find mangrove forests, hilly areas, salt field etc. This island is famous for Buddhist Temple and Pagoda; you can enjoy a full day sight seeing and also you visit Sonadia Island and some other Islands nearby. Moheshkhali is the perfect nature reserve for an eco resort.

Babui Eco-Resort Conceived in 2010 with the land of six acres on the southern shore of Moheshkhali island at the Bay of Bengal. Babui Eco-Resort is designed to be a small inviting and environmentally sustainable resort. With this in mind the design of Babui Eco-Resort, construction and mind set of manifested a welcoming eco resort with a friendly environment which happily plays host to families, groups, couples, the eco-set, weddings, functions, retreat holidaying and sailing folk and tradition. The absolute beach front location, lightly mangrove foreshore, beach view lake side accommodation and nearby islands make for an ideal setting for casual or activity for the more energetic. We remain committed to the original motif for the resort that begins with a friendly greeting at the beach side pavilion and ends with happy memories. There also remains ecological sustainable momentum with spa in Babui Eco Resort.

Babui Eco-Resort is designed to be a small inviting and environmentally sustainable resort with follows International Finance Corporation (IFC); The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)’s Guideline and code of contact.