Hello! I'm Kayla. I'm 19 years old and quite mature for my age, as I guess you'll find out once you read my bio in its entirety. The next couple of paragraphs will tell you much more about me and why I'm souly here :) . . . . . .

I am from a small town where everyone knows everyone. You don't get to keep many secrets. There is a slim to nothing chance I'll find someone from this cute little town... Unfortunetly every guy here is trashy. This is where the problem is . . . [I want to live here for life, honestly. I do love it here and I love the schools. If I do have kids, I'd like them to go to these schools.]

That's how I found this site... I don't want to pay to talk to someone about this or buy a book that will tell me exactly what Sally did to get Joe back. I need some free, truly genuine interaction. I was searching for ways to get my ex back. We broke up a year ago this month..... ( November 2013. ) [I dated someone this past summer for a little over a month, but we both realized we had almost nothing in common.] So while on my hunt, I came across this site. I had never heard of it before but was willing to take a look. Here, I found this guy named Chris Seiter. I've been reading his pages about how to text an ex and the good and bad things to do and not do. That's mainly, well the only reason, why I'm here. Hopefully his plan works.

My story is much different from what he's mostly writing about, but hopefully I can get this "relationship" back. He realized his drinking was out of hand and has changed, positively, so much that I'd be stupid not to try. It would mean a lot to me, since I broke it off in the first place. I just really hope he can see the good in me and how much I care and want to be happy with him.

* ! WISH ME LUCK ! *