Baby Baby Baby!

Citta City

Name: Ahn Baby
Date of Birth: New York City, January 31st 1997
Blood Type: AB

Baby is a rebellious yet innocent American/Korean girl. It all started when her parents died, she moved to Korea to live with her Grandma. Baby's Grandma is unbelievably overprotective towards her, which made Baby started thinking that she has to run away from her Grandma's arms. Baby started with skipping school, dyeing her hair, coming home late, until she was almost expelled from her school. All of them are done to prove that she can live by herself.

Baby's final act is moving out of her Grandma's house. She then found Città City, and decided to move there. After moving, Baby again decided to change her life. She was done with her rebellious life and wanted to settle down and be a better girl.

Baby is unpredictable. Even though she sounds naughty and rebellious, her appearance is nothing like that at all. She has a slightly smaller body posture than usual girls have, and the way she talks, is like a baby, just like her name.

Even though Baby skipped school often, She is somehow smart, it was proven by her being accepted as one of KAIST University's students at such a young age.

Baby is fashionable, and loves Nail Art Painting so so so so damn much. Her life dream is to become a Nail Art artist. However, it will not be easy since her juvenile delinquency record isn't as clear as she wanted it to be. Will she be able to change herself and start a normal life? Will she be able to achieve her dreams? Follow her twitter and find out!

  • Education
    • KAIST University