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BabyBerry –only a click away to smart pregnancy and baby care!

BabyBerry, an innovative technological interface that contains a lot of baby apps for new parents and baby care apps is designed by the trio of Balasubramanian Venkatachalam, Subhasini Subramanian and Dev Vig. Presenting the best parenting apps android, BabyBerry aims to reach out to a wider section of the society by giving tips on newborn baby care in Hindi as well as by providing smart baby care tips in Hindi and smart baby care tips in Tamil in addition to English.

Founded in November 2015 and already having more than 1, 00,000 active users, BabyBerry have carved a niche in the field of pregnancy care as well. Its best pregnancy apps android and best pregnancy apps for Iphone offers pregnancy tips like how to achieve the perfect nutrition during pregnancy by giving a whole lot of information regarding what to avoid during pregnancy and what to eat during pregnancy. Also pregnancy tracking app, pregnancy week by week app and pregnancy day by day app helps log various details regarding the status of the mother’s and baby’s health.

The pregnancy assistant app offers pregnancy tips during first trimester, usually a crucial phase of pregnancy, with its week by week pregnancy calendar that gives a weekly update and offers smart advices like what to do when you are 4 weeks pregnant, 5 weeks pregnant or 6 weeks pregnant.

BabyBerry, a vast reservoir of practical information in pregnancy and baby care, can help those who are uninitiated to the difficulties of parenting and those who are confused about what proper care has to be taken during pregnancy.

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