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Arie Ayashii

:3haiii vanessa Arie Ayashii here! :P so yupperz i lyk all types of music i luv to draw i play tennis an im on a swim team ima bout to hav a tennis tournament too though o well :P i collect beanies, nerdy glasses, converse, jordans, nikes, an really cute phone cases 4 my iphone :3 I LUV THE JANOSKIANS!!!!!!!!!!!! my guy bff knows jai, luke, an beau brooks cuz their cuzins! yep ive met them already their rlly cool an they would appreciate if more ppl suscribe to them on youtube their videos r hilarious! ive seen all their videos :3 an yes im also a directioner :3 i luv 2 sing an dance ppl say im a rlly gud singer but watevr :P I DANCE LYK A BOSS!! lol jk my friens r rlly gud dancers i never took any classes though theyve told me im bfab (born from a boombox) but im moving dancing over to work out other thing u knoe llyk skool :P o well poo :3 baii random ppl --------------------------------------- ok im not done yet >:D ok weird.... im a light tanish color i hav blond hair with natural brunette hilights i hav green eyes turn hazel sumtimes i luv da color neon green an blue :3 an i think niall horan is hot :3 lol randon but he is! nialler is my celebrity crush <3 ohh how how i luv my little irish boi<3.... the older pic i had was of my friend she always changes my profile pic an puts pics of her or my other friends some times she just puts fake pics :P boys call me pretty sumtimes i hate it it annoys me how much dey tell me besides anthony cuz he my guy bff ya okay baii fellow ninga warriors :3 im out Deuces!