Linda Lorincz Shelton

Consultant in Chicago, Illinois

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Civil rights activist, retired pediatrician, mental health care provider, and medical researcher. Presently also paralegal and medical malpractice consultant. Uncovering government corruption in Chicago and Illinois, advocating for rights of children, parents, and prisoners. Trying to expose: (1) the abuse of patients in emergency rooms with illegal forced administration of psychotropic drugs; (2) the inadequate training of police officers and jail/prison guards and their abusive treatment of prisoners including torture and medical neglect,; and (3) the abuse of children and the elderly in family and probate courts by judges and guardians as well as the felony federal fraud of court-appointed lawyers (child representatives and guardian ad litems) who fail to adequately investigate and report to courts the circumstances in families undergoing divorce or where the elderly are in need of guardianship - thereby raping the estates of families by providing false information to courts, failing to provide accurate information to courts and prolonging separation of children and elderly from their families under false pretenses.

  • Education
    • M.S. Immunology, Ph.D. Experimental Pathology, M.D. pediatric specialt