Alyssa Marie

Hey Y'all, my names Alyssa Marie. im currently 16 and a senior :) One of my absolute passions is writing, i could write all day long, and i want to write in the future, but im going to college to be a nurse. I love sports, kinda like a tom boy... im NOT GOTH OR SCENE, im COUNTRY... i was born and raised in Michigan. i hate the city life, but until 2012 ill have to deal with it. im a very sweet loveable person, but if you mess with my loved ones... that includes ALL the modeling family, you will get messed up... weather it be verbally or physically. my loved ones mean the world to me, and id do anything for them. i was in a pageant and placed 11th, if i was 10th i would have gone to florida but didnt... its fine though, if i had the money i would be modeling in real life, but im poor and im not afraid to be. id rather be dirt poor with true friends than filthy rich with fake ones... but i love all my friends and family. if you wanna know anything more, feel free to ask. oh and guys im taken ♥