Baby Doll

I am Babydoll. It's a childhood endearment from my mother and the name of my former business, Babydoll's Bakery. Sorry to disappoint if you have come here looking for something or someone else.

I am a SAHM. Too much of a cliche? I am a third-generation resident of the town where I was born and I am an only child.

I am happily married. I am the parent of two kids, 11 and 15-years old. I have taught indoor cycling/spinning at our local YMCA for over 7 years, and I am the only instructor working there that has Motley Crue on a playlist.

I am a teetotaler. I don't drink alcohol or take mind-altering drugs. This is not for religous affiliations or because I'm any sort of purist. It's certainly not to make any kind of statement about anyone else's alcohol/drug consumption; I am no zealot. I stopped when I was 16-years old because I knew with every certainty I would not live to see my 18th birthday if I didn't.

I am a runner. I heard that you could get high from running and since I don't get high the conventional way, I decided to give running a try. I ran for a full year before I enjoyed it or was something I looked forward to doing. Soon I was running half and full marathons. If one mile is good, than 26.2 is better - right?

I am far from an elite athlete. I don't consider myself to have much natural running ability but if I have anything, it's a shit ton of perseverance. Unlike several friends who can pick up running whenever it suits them, I worked my butt off to make any of the small progress I have. Running keeps me sane. There have been several injuries that sent me back to square one with my running; I had to build up mileage until running is something I look forward to doing all over again. I am currently training for a half marathon on October 14, 2012 in Northern California.

I am a blogger. I don't post daily or even weekly, but it brings me great pleasure and has helped me improve as a writer.