odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.

I'm a little odd // A little unnatural

My appearance and my character are a little absurd and bizarre, to some even fantastically ugly.

But I prefer "fucking epic".

I have a lot of names, you don't get to know my real one (unless of course you already do!). You can call me WitchBaby. I am twenty years old. I am engaged. I am modified. I own a small pit bull named Jedi. My Mumma's name is Countess Grotesque, and i wubb her.

I love pibbles, octopi, owls, elephants, giraffes and all things tiny and fuzzy and cute. I love glitter and zebra print and tattoos and piercings and stretched lobes. I love dimples and cute giggles and freckles and touching people's butts :D As a wonderful stripper once said, "Cute girls can't be creepy, it's just endearing." So I take supreme advantage of my cuteness, and try to be as creepertastic as possible.

Well.... i dont quite know what else to tell ya'll right now.... but if you check out my tumblr, it will probably tell you more than any ol' biography could.