Jenifer Cyrus

My name is Cyrus who has a dad from Greece and the mom from Japan. I am the mum of a 4-member family. Before i was a marketer but since i got married, i have worked as a freelancer. Eventually, i find my passion, I frequently write blogs about Baby products because I have experienced in raising babies and educating them. I have bought lots of baby items like any mom in the world. And i find that to choose the best baby product is not easy. I often publish the useful and informative articles such as tips for new parents or review products. Especially, i prefer purchasing the best lightweight stroller for my infant. You can see the full review articles for many baby strollers. In my house, i have various kinds of baby strollers. I often write the precise articles for my readers. And I am pleased to bring valuable articles for any mom who are interested in Baby Health or Baby products.