Woo Hyerim


Name: Woo Hye Rim (우혜림)
Chinese Name: 禹惠林
Also known as: Lim
Nickname: “Xiao Ping Guo” (Little apple)
Previously she was from Chinese Wonder Girls JYP Sisters
Date of Birth: 1 September 1992
Religion: Christian
Blood Type: O
Favourite Colour: Red, Navi, Red wine color, Pink, White
Favourite Food & Drinks: pizza, sticky rice, brownies, egg tarts, rou baozi (from Hangzhou), cookies & cream ice-cream, tuna, pancakes, dim sum, Indian food, Italian food, panino, sushi, noodles, Thai food, apple pie, chocolates, ricotta cheese salad, bubble milk tea, Ginger Ale, flat water
Favourite Fruit: mangoes, strawberries
Favourite cheese: brie cheese
Fluent in English, Korean, Mandarin & Cantonese
Favourite singer: BoA, Rihanna, Beyonce
Favourite animals: puppies
Favourite subject: English, mandarin, music and art
Favourite season: Fall
Favourite kinds of music: country, hiphop, pop

Lim's twitter: http://twitter.com/WG_Lim
Lim's me2day: http://me2day.net/WG_Lim
Lim's weibo: http://weibo.com/wglim
Lim's Instagram: wg_lim
Lim's Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/limmie92/
Lim's Keek:
Lim's fantastic: http://wondergirlsworld.com/fantastic/members/wglim
Wonder Girls' twitter: http://www.twitter.com/followWG
Wonder Girls' website:

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