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University of Babylon Official Network consists of many physical and virtual websites each of which represents an organization, department, or college inside the university. We provide the most flexible interactive web application to all our visitors including our students. Via this network we are trying to share it all , that is , offering free view / download to martial given during academic year . as well as offering very straight-forward library to exchange academic papers that are uploaded on our servers by researchers in different faculties .

Lecturers are the key element of our success. They are feeding our websites with rich, advanced and free digital (soft) copies of their scientific researches. Therefore a visitor who is interested in the searching area will find us a very rich resource of knowledge. Computer Center as well provides through this network, expert opinions about developing web applications along with problem solving reports and open source libraries which we create or override during the development process of our university infrastructure such as OpenTube Library that is fully designed inside the Center and distributed over the internet free of charge. We also provide free solutions to bugs come with open source technologies like AJAX, SilverLight, Spaw, FileShare Modules and much more it is very pleasing to us if you connect to our network and stay up-to-date with us to exchange knowledge

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