Baby Natural Gender Selection

Natural Methods to Determine Sex of the Baby:

(1) Ovulation timing for regular and irregular women based on daily charting basal body temperature and cervical mucus and charting luteinizing hormone surges using ovulation prediction kits.

(2) Timing of intercourse, abstinence, and birth control relative to ovulation.

(3) Intercourse frequency.

(4) Sexual positioning, penetration and orgasm.

(5) Daily dietary guidelines (allowed and forbidden foods) effecting the PH in the female and the male body.

(6) Consumption of certain vitamins.

(7) Alternative techniques increasing or decreasing sperm count optimal for gender selection.

(8) Male and female intake of caffeine (i.e., coffee) and its effect on the male sperm and female fertility.

(9) Smoking and alcohol consumptions effect on fertility of men and women.