Baby Scrofano

9/17/2011: Check Twitter (icon link below) - Contractions started in the middle of the night. Probably will be updating only on twitter from now on.

Appt: 9/16/2011: Baby has dropped. 2cm dilated. Ultrasound came back great - good fluid levels, blood flow, cord location.

Appt: 9/7/11: Baby hasn't dropped, likely another week. Ultrasound next Friday to make sure everything still looks good if she doesn't come before then.

I've got a twitter account now, you know, for mobile updates. Cick the twitter icon below to follow...

Last midwife visit: 8/30/11: Everything looks good. Baby in position 3 above the pelvis.

Due Date: Sept 5th. Labor Day of course, already clever and I'm not even extra-utero!