Shant B

West Vancouver

I enjoy watching the beauty and colour of the sunlight as it crashes down on the mountanous hill tops of the British Properties. I tend to find myself appreciating the flueorcecent, glooming lights of the Range Rovers, Bentleys, and Porsches as I hear their engines roar. Im simplistic and respect the success of the friends that surround me. On sunny days I rush to the Ambleside soccer fields in order to secure the nets for my soccer mates. 4-5 hours of soccer is the usual. At night, everything slows down. I relax as I hear the composed sounds of natures calming, soothing and tranquil rhythms. The North Shore is where you will always find me.

  • Education
    • Calgary French and International
    • Pauline Johnson
    • Sentinel Secondairy
    • Alcuin College