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🎀 hi! i'm Pluto and this is the about for my art account!!

i'm a 17 yr old neurodivergent muslim poc minnesota-based artist who is in their senior yr of high school!

i have been drawing since i could hold a pen, but really have spent the past 6 years focusing on honing my art skills and improving. of course, i've greatly improved from where i was, but my main focus in my art is a cartoony/semi-realistic/almost-animey style.

please use gender neutral pronouns when talking about me !

FAQ to save the day!:

Q: will you draw "____" for me?

A: probably not, unless if it's something that I've been meaning to draw. in that case it won't be a request, and it will just be me remembering things that I set out to do.

Q: what won't you draw if you are doing requests/commissions/trades?
A: no incest/pedophilia/shotacon or lolicon, underage ships, nsfw, furries or animals, characters from snk, black butler, dmmd, billdip, free!, steven universe, rick and morty, hetalia, ummmmm i will update this as the things come to me.

Q: what are some things you're in to?
A: love live, clamp, fire emblem, ghibli, haikyuu, sailor moon, gravity falls and a few other things that i dun remember.

Q: halt! you just said you won't draw "____" but i see it on your page!

A: if there is something in my "dont enjoy drawing" tag and i'm drawing it, it's solely for the purpose of gaining followers and attention. (this is probably about steven universe). ive had a really bad experience with a lot of different su fans so i dont associate with them or like. interact with them but steven universe has given me a lot of followers and attention to my art and i use it as a pedestal to broadcast my works!

Q: i think your opinions/ ideas/ posts are bad and i don't like u as a person.
A: cool. don't send me ambiguous anon hate because that doesn't solve ur problems, or make ur day any better.

Q: i don't understand something you said/did/believe in
A: ask and i'll do my best to explain something. kindness is returned with kindness. if you're gonna be an asshole, i'm not going to give you the time of day and will be just as clipped and rude as youre being.

Q: i want to do an art trade with you?

A: hit me up with a DM! it depends on the amount of schoolwork i have and if i'm overloading at work.