Bacely Yorobi

Web Developer, blogger, and UX/UI Designer in Paris, France

Bacely Yorobi is co-founder and CEO of Connectxglobal, a not-profit startup that connects tomorrow's leaders with the world-class organization, former community manager of the Ivorian government, International and Inspirational Speaker, He has severals awards like MIT GSW Fellow 2015, CRANSMONTANA 2015, ICI2014 Startup Awards, Carrefour des Possibles , Fellow DEMO Africa.

He is a startup junkie and socia/tech entrepreneur who travels and works in West Africa, France and the United States.

However, Global Facilitator, UP Global, SXSW Accelerator Advisor, Consultant and mentor to several global technology organizations. He is passionate about the countless opportunities that technology brings to emerging economies and his ability to uplift the populations of the world.

Bacely has participated in many conferences on Open Source and Free Software and other topics such as Websummit , Web2Day , DEMO Africa, Carrefour des Possibles, DzWebdays, GDG Barcamp Abidjan....

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