Rebecca Nicholas

East Sussex

Each year Back 2 Balance is contacted by individuals just like yourself. aim With a focus on joint mobility and the nervous system, Back 2 Balance's trained chiropractors are spinal health professionals. They are famous for successfully treating back pain, chronic neck pain, migraines, and many common muscle and joint issues.

Our gifted and experienced chiropractors have been in operation for over 25 years, treating clients of all ages and ailments across Brighton and Hove and all throughout the Southeast. Rear 2 Balance is among the longest established, local clinics and among the few clinics in Brighton & Hove to offer patients their own pri vate treatment rooms. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional setting within beautiful surroundings and superb quality of care. Back 2 Balance offers a wide range of other therapies in addition to chiropractic care, such as massage thera py, exercise plans, and acupuncture, just to name a few.

In recognition of our outstanding clinic high standards, good practice and patient care and development, we were awarded the PPQM Prize 2008 ' 2010 by the College of Chiropractors UK, the first Brighton & Hove Clinic to achieve such a prestigious Award locally. And we were proud to have obtained the award yet again this year. Our clinic is outfitted with state of the art equipment, such as our new scanning machine used to view spinal muscle tone.

The scanning machine will be used not only during your initial visit to the practice, but also at regular times during your treatment with us. No matter the cause of your discomfort, our chiropractors take a holistic approach when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. For an initial consultation, give us a call on 01273 206868. Client spaces are limited!

Chiropractors Brighton and Hove
35 Goldstone Villas Brighton & Hove, East Sussex BN3 3RT?
01273 206868