Cecile Lizotte

If you are using a landing net when fly fishing you will certainly land more fishes, the advantage of using a fly fishing net is to play the fish as you typically would until the fish is in your range, then drench the nest under the water and carefully ease the fish over the net and lift it out of the water. You don’t want to make any movements with the fishing net because this will alarm the fish and after a stirring fight with the fish you want to reward yourself the best chance of landing it.

There are many different kinds of fly fishing nets to choose from and the most common one is the mesh nets. Some types of these nets damage the mud that is on the body of the fish which often results to fish catching diseases and also your frustration of frustration trying to get the hook out when it gets tangled in the net.

In order to easily catch fish you must use an Android GPS app for the outdoors and use the right type of fishing nets. Utilize rubber type of fishing net because this will help you protect the fish and help stop your hook getting mixed up up in the net, a very important thing to take note of especially if you are employing the method of catch and release.

If you decide to go fishing on the backs of a river, carry with you your Android GPS app for the outdoors and then your fly fishing net with an extendable handle. This will give you a good range and higher chance of catching more fishes.

There are times that when you are fly fishing you want to walk in the river, so you have to use a short handled fly fishing net, these comes in various designs and materials, you can try using the shaped like a pear because this seems to cut through the water easier than the others.

If you want to walk through the water, you must always keep in mind your safety. Use a life preserver in case you’ll slip and lose your balance in the water as well as use a bank stick to help you support while you are wading, especially if the water current is very strong.

You must use an Android GPS app to determine the risk-free parts of the river. Ride on a small boat to reach that part and enjoy your fishing. Use a long handled net or extendable net when fishing from a boat because it makes it easier for you to land the fish and halts you from leaning over the side of the boat where you could lose the fish trying to