Bethlehem Backes

Snoqualmie WA

I don't have a middle name (and yes that is my real first name.)

Married my college crush. A cool Nebraska guy.

Have fun being a mom to Sierra and Brendan.

Enjoy investing in ministry leaders by coaching, writing, and speaking.

Raised in Ohio, lived in New York, Minneapolis and landed in the Pacific Northwest.

Will choose tea over coffee 9 times out of 10.

Chocolate is a close friend of mine.

Spend my free time with family, hiking, journaling, learning photography, playing guitar, entertaining guests and serving the homeless.

Jesus has ruined me for the ordinary.

Hope to travel to every continent, write a book series, surprise people with large-scale random acts of kindness, and perform in a broadway musical.

  • Work
    • Northwest Ministry Network
  • Education
    • Northwest University