Perfect Soldering

Electro static discharge (ESD) is harmful for computer or other hardware components of electronic items. ESD can occur during computer work and can cause the touched components to malfunction. The best way to prevent ESD is by using ESD matting.
There are different models of ESD matting that are ideal for areas where static discharge is a problem from microprocessor assembly to general manufacturing areas. The modular 3 feet x 3 feet size ESD matting is great for single workstations, but can quickly connect to cover very large areas. Designed for comfort, the ESD mats are lightweight, easy to clean, and have rounded edges. For protection of sensitive items from ESD, a bag that can offer Faraday Cage protection such as ESD shielding bag is ideal. These of ESD shielding bags provide maximum visibility for highly sensitive components and you can actually see through the bag the material inside for easy identification.
Solder is typically categorized in terms of leaded and lead-free alloys. The most common solder is an alloy of lead and tin. However due to environmental concerns it is being phased out in favor of lead-free alloys. Lead-free solder also has some problems and its use is currently undergoing analysis for use in scientific and defense fields. Lead-free solder wire melts at a higher temperature than lead solder wire, requiring greater care when soldering tiny components. Lead-free solder costs more than tin or lead solder wire.
Liquid flux No Clean is a non-corrosive liquid solder flux. It is completely safe to use on even the most delicate electronic equipment and its anti-static formulation minimize the risk of electrostatic damage to sensitive components. When you buy flux, better avoid water-soluble type which can be corrosive and damage your board unless washed off properly after the soldering process. The moisture barrier bag is ideal for protection of valuables from moisture and it is re-sealable. It can be heat or vacuum sealed and also can be closed with zipper. The moisture barrier bag with silica gel packet offers extra protection for your valuables such as electronic components from moisture, mold, mildew, corrosion, and rust.
The No clean liquid flux pen is ideal for rework and touch-up of SMT, SMD, and through hole solder joints. It i