Chicken Tractor

homesteader in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Chicken Tractor

homesteader in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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What is a chicken tractor?
Shelter is an essential need for chicken. In providing shelter for chickens,there are two essential considerations for small holding permaculture garden.

The very first option is a permanent coop.

Permanent coop is a chicken abode, built at a convenient place on the plot with the provision for the chicken to roost at night. It also has laying boxes in which the chickens drop their eggs. During the day, the chickens are at liberty to move about on the site and as night draws, they are ushered into the coop.

The Other option for providing shelter foryour chickens is a chicken tractor.

Although the name sounds like a high technical equipment but it is just a movable coop. It is designed to accommodate chickens covered with mesh and attached with a floorless run. Due to the movement ability, it is lightweight in such a way that an individual can carry it.


On large chicken tractors, wheels are required but may not be necessary in small models. In a bid to fix wheels on the chicken tractors, you may need to fix it on four corners. This may lead to lifting of the frame off the ground. The consequence is that small chickens may fall off especially when 2- or 3-inches gap exist between the frame.
People often use two wheels fixed at the rear of the frame close to the nest while the adjacent side rests on the ground.This way when you lift the front the frame up from the back to move it you’ll have good grip on the rear for maneuvering, while the wheels support the rear just like a wheelbarrow.

Benefits of using movable chicken coops:

-Giving chickens balanced and variety of diet achieved by positioning the coop in diverse places give rise to production of better eggs. The chicken meat comes with a better flavour.
- Due to the fact that chickens eat the grass while moving the coop around keeps the grass low.
- The natural growth in the garden helps to supplement the chicken's diet while moving the chickens around in the coop. This lessens the pre-mixed food for the chicken.
- Since the coop is floorless, you will not need to clean up because their dung drops on the plot making if more fertile.
- The operation gives the plot time to grow again since the coop only. stay on a small part of the plot.
- As the chickens dig and scratch the soil, they prepare the soil for seeds plantation which also helps the growing plants on the field.
- In case of adverse weather conditions, the coop can be moved to a secured location.