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The Jeunesse website offers its customers a way to become distributors of the company’s products. There are several drop-down menus on the site with sections that provide comprehensive information for anyone interested in becoming a distributor. La Jeunesse Cream individuals decide that they want to have a business relationship with the company, they can purchase a start-up kit, build rewards, gain commissions through finding new customers, and build their own sales teams.A free download is available on the Jeunesse website for those who want to read the complete details about the distribution program. There is also a member’s calendar available on the site that reminds distributors about upcoming events. While Jeunesse does not make any guarantees about the profits distributors will make, the site does assert that those potential profits are unlimited. Of course, in reality, those profits are limited by an individual’s ability to sell.Jeunesse offers its retail customers a 30-day money back guarantee when they order directly from the website. The same guarantee applies to distributors who want to return products that they purchased for their own personal use. Returns from distributors that are from an end user can also be returned for a refund, but must be made within ten days.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>