Billy Baker

I grew up in the small town of Placerville Ca. with my wonderful family. After I graduated from El Dorado Adventist School in 2002 I moved to Butte MT. I went to college there (1 Semester), before realizing there was something missing. I joined the Army as an Automated Logistics Specialist in 2003. A rewarding experience that while stressful, aggravating and a pain at times; I would not change it for the world. I learned so much and grew even more as a person and a friend. During my time in the service, I meet my beautiful wife. We live in Mass, with our wonderful Chocolate Lab Mocha.

I just recently graduated with a BS Information Technology and Software Engineering from University of Phoenix. I love learning, and have always been fascinated with problem solving. Which could be one of the many reasons I was drawn to software development as it allows an outlet for my incessant desire to solve problems (some of which I create).

I currently work as a residential councilor for mentally ill adults, (a job I held shortly after the service, and through college.) While I look for a job in my field, I help friends and there referrals to build websites, fix their computers, and in general offer my limited expertise on technology questions.