Lawrence Badanai

Lawrence Badanai was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario where he attended High School and Confederation College for Arts Administration and Multimedia Production.

Lawrence is a descendant of pioneers who were active in business, public service and political life across the region. From a young age, Lawrence showed a strong interest for business and politics. He learned first-hand how services can help a community as a whole. Lawrence’s career has spanned marketing, live entertainment, Internet architecture, graphic design and information technology (IT). Currently, he is employed with a local communications and marketing agency, Firedog Communications. The majority of the clients that Lawrence works with are public service oriented, including community service, aboriginal, civic, corporate and charitable organizations.

Lawrence is an active community volunteer and ambassador. He has served the region on numerous boards and committees over the years such as the Board of Directors for Cambrian Players, Board of Directors for the Westfort Prosvita, and volunteering for events such as the Habitat for Humanity Family Fun Day and the Society of Excellent Men Gala Fundraising Dinner in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Children’s Centre Foundation.

Lawrence enjoys spending time with his wife Candi and their two dogs, Rusty and Lily. The all live in their new house on the hill. The house has charm as it has bright baby blue siding and a red front door among the green grass and abundant flower beds.